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1000 Cooper St
Memphis, TN, 38104

Welcome to the Cooper-Young Community Farmers Market! We're small but we're like family. You can find us in the parking lot of First Congo every Saturday morning 8am-1pm. Come browse our market for a locally-sourced selection of fresh produce, grass-fed meat, homegrown herbs, warm baked goods, all-natural soaps, fresh-cut flowers, hot coffee and live acoustic music. We are family, kid, and dog-friendly. Visit us this weekend!

Vendor Spotlight


Sandy Watson

This week, get to know Lisa and Jonathan Lingo of LIngotopia!

CYCFM: Where are you from?

LL: Lingotopia is a joint effort in the Lingo household. Jonathan is from Texas, Lisa is from North Carolina, and Lisa's mom, aka "Granny," is also from the Carolinas.

CYCFM: When and why did you begin crocheting, sewing and wood working?

LL: Granny started crocheting as a child because she was sick in bed and bored. Lisa grew up surrounded by knitting, crocheting, and sewing. Crafting is just about like breathing for her. Jonathan found woodworking later in life when he needed a creative outlet. He first thought about furniture making, but scrapped that idea when he realized turning wood round is easier than keeping things square.

CYCFM: What is your favorite part of crafting?

LL: Lisa says she loves the actual construction of sewing. Building piece by piece and seeing the end result come together, and then adding the details that make it special. Since Jonathan uses a lot of reclaimed wood from locally felled trees, he is sometimes working with the unknown and he enjoys that challenge. Granny likes to keep busy and contribute to Lingotopia, and crocheting fits the bill.

CYCFM: What is your favorite dish to cook?

LL: Jonathan makes the best chicken and dumplings. And that's just the first thing that comes to mind. He's a great cook.

CYCFM: How do you relax?

LL: Lisa is happiest in the sewing room, but when the cold weather comes, she does get the urge to knit. Granny plays card games on the computer when she's not crocheting. Jonathan saves the universe on the XBox.
CYCFM: What is your favorite part about the Cooper Young Community Farmers Market?

LL: The people and the neighborhood atmosphere. It's always a good time at the market.